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What Everyone Ought To Know About Door Screens

Just as summer calls us to lemonade on the porch, open screen doors and windows, and the smells of a cookout, it also calls hundreds of nasty insects.  Insects can be a real pain to deal with, buzzing and crawling into your house and onto your food, your pets, and your family.  Thankfully, a good […]
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Install Screens Now!

With the springtime fast approaching, the time to install new screen doors and window screens in Los Angeles is right now. For the first time in many years, California enjoyed a winter that offered near-normal amounts of rainfall. That means that there will be near-normal plant growth as well as normal insect hatching behavior. Having the flowers […]
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How Window Screens Can Help You Go Green

With December’s Paris climate talks in the news and a new year on the horizon, many people are considering making more eco-friendly choices. Whether it’s focusing on conserving water or doing a better job recycling, there are many ways to be environmentally friendly. One simple way to reduce your energy costs and make your house […]
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DIY Door Repairs You Can Do in an Hour or Less

Your entry door is one of the most utilized and important components of a home or building. From screen doors to doors made of steel, not only do they grant access to those that pass through it, entry doors provide an effective barrier to noise, help to shape the aesthetics of the structure and provide […]
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Sliding Screen Doors Bring the Outside In

Homeowners in Southern California are pioneers in the use of sliding screen doors to enjoy a casual living style that blurs the line between indoors and outdoors. California has a benign climate that makes indoor-outdoor living possible during most of the year. While much of the rest of the country can’t take advantage of the […]
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Windows and Shutters Before Screens

In Southern California, the window screen is one of those crucial household elements that lets residents thoroughly enjoy the terrific climate. With so many days of sunshine and fine weather, it is a great convenience to be able to have our windows open to the world and yet keep the insects and small animals outside […]
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