Adding A Security Window Screen to Your Home

The use of a security window screen has been on the market for several decades and is becoming more common as home security systems become more complex. One of the most popular types is a laminated glass security window screen that comes in several different sizes. It's the easiest type to install due to its lightweight nature.

Protect Your Windows Best With A Thicker Screen

A window screen that is thicker offers more strength and more durability as well. Security window screens are an excellent choice for any window that you want to protect.

You can use it to help prevent intruders from breaking into your home by keeping them from even reaching your glass window.

Keep Intruders From Cutting Down Your Screens

Peninsula Mobile Screens keep intruders from prying and cutting their way into your homes. With the best mesh materials and lock system, you can be assured that your home is safer than ever before.

The added bonus is that they can be easily removed, finding a replacement screen is easy and can be installed almost anywhere.

You Do Not Need to Drop Design For Safety

If you want to have a decorative glass window that adds security to your home then using a security window screen can add beauty and style to any home. Peninsula Mobile Screens sells several different types of shapes, colors, and even designs with retractable screens to choose from. It is best to research all available options and then make a decision on the type that suits you and your window best.

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