Active Screen Doors Perfect For Your House Exterior

One of the best ways to add curb appeal to your house is by installing the perfect screen door for your home. Some of the most common ones include retractable screen doors, aluminum screen doors, sliding screen doors, French patio doors, fiberglass doors, and even-tempered glass! Active screen doors are available in many different styles and sizes.


Finding a Screen Door That Complements Your Home’s Design and Needs

The key to choosing the perfect type of screen door to fit your house exterior is finding one that complements your home. So you can choose between a retractable screen, sliding screen door, or you can opt for a vinyl screen that offers a sleek and stylish finish while protecting your family from intruders.

Aside from just using screens on front doors to protect your house, you can also use them in your backyards. You can have a screen that overlooks your pool so that your kids can enjoy it while you watch from inside. So whatever you might need screen doors for, choose what’s best for your home and install them according to your needs.

4900 - Sentry (French)
6000 - Model E (French)

Looking for the Best Material That Suits Your Climate

When choosing screen doors for your house, you should consider the type of material the material is made of. Plastic and wood screen door materials are usually the cheapest but the most vulnerable to weather conditions and breakage.

The best choice for screen doors for your house is a strong yet durable material. Peninsula Mobile Screens offer the best screen door to withstand even the harshest weather.

Cleaning Up Your Active Screen Doors

They are a great addition to your house as they will make you feel more secure all day and night. They are easy to maintain and require very little cleaning up, which makes them the perfect choice for busy families. If you are thinking about updating your home's exterior door, then it is time to check out our Active Screen Doors that offer great protection for your home.

Active Screen Door

6600 - Heritage
6000 - Model E
Peninsula Mobile Screens offer the Model E screen doors as an option for your home
4900 - Sentry
6500 - Cape Cod
The cape cod screen design is available in Peninsula Mobile Screens
4600 - Prairie
Peninsula Mobile Screens have the prairie door screen design available for sale
5000 - Gibraltar
4800 - Protecto Full
5700 - Giant
Giant 5700
6300 - La Jolla
3500 - Montego
the screen size from Montego style doors make a great and safe option for modern homes
4400 - Protecto
4100 - Ranchero

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