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Wherever you are in Los Angeles, the appeal of having windows or doors open to the terrific weather of Southern California is tempered by the prospect of flying critters invading your living space. Peninsula Mobile Screens provides the best custom options for screens for your windows and doors. Retractable Screen Doors are our specialty - we are your local authorized dealer of Phantom Screens, the finest maker of retractable screens. These "hide-away" screens for windows and doors give Los Angeles homeowners many pleasing options for their “open window” conditions.

Rectractable sliding screen doors in a double French door in a home with a furnished patio

Retractable Versus Traditional

When you need to make a choice about what type of screening you want to use, the options are the traditional “solid” type of screen that provides a fixed flat screen, or the retractable type of screen which can be used according to your preferences and the weather. We at Peninsula Mobile Screens can give you the very best options with either choice. Retractable screens provide you with many exciting options. No matter the size of the opening that you want to screen, a retractable screen can be customized for your situation.

You would want your window and door fixtures to be adaptable to the changes in weather, even if you are dealing with the strong Santa Ana winds or the damp morning fogs of the beach communities like Venice. This is where retractable screens become the best choice for your home; the adaptability retractable screens provide coverage when you want it and then retract when you want an unobstructed view.

Features of Retractable Screens

One of the best features of retractable screens is that they can disappear from view when you are not using them to let fresh air into the house. Whether you have them in place in screen doors or as a window screen, the "hide-away" screen can slide out of sight when you want a clear, unobstructed view. And certainly, in the greater Los Angeles area, there are plenty of views to be seen: the Santa Monica Mountains, the waves rolling into the Beach Communities, and the frequently flowering vegetation in bloom outside your windows.

Another feature is the variety that can be given to the mesh used in the retractable screens. Not only do you have choices regarding the tightness of the weave of the mesh, but you also have choices about the coloration of the mesh. Standard colors can run the gray spectrum from white to black. If you want to be bold, you can bring in a sample of color and have the mesh match that. Or, you can have the mesh prepared to resemble one of several types of wood grains. There is a world of decorating options.

You will also have several choices regarding the handles attached to your new screen frames. Whether you opt for a more traditional latch or a magnetic system, we can meet your needs.


Window settings for retractable screens can easily be chosen to open either from side to side or from top to bottom. They can be custom built to fit your windows, no matter the size. With retractable screens, the mesh can even provide sunlight shading, cutting glare from outside. But the primary function of the screen, in keeping annoying flying insects out, will keep your house breezy and clean all year long.

Retractable Screen Doors acting as effective windows for a modern bedroom


When it comes to screen doors, we can screen any opening in your home. Whether you need patio screen doors or a screen door for your primary entryway, we can design and install the perfect screen for you. These screen doors can be prepared to fit in spaces as varied as the ordinary side swinging door to the French doors that give access to lawns or patios. Our screen installation experts can measure your doorways and create the idea retractable screen door for your home.

Peninsula Mobile Screens can deliver to you the very best in retractable screens for your doors and windows. We are an authorized dealer for Phantom Retractable Screens and can discuss all available screen options with you. When you consult us, you know that you are getting the best service available in the greater Los Angeles area. Contact us today for the ideal window and door solution – retractable screens for your home.

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