How to Know If Your Window Screens Need Repairing?

When it comes to window screen repairs, there are many ways you can go about it. No matter how tempting it is, hiring a repair service can save you a few dollars compared to buying a new window screen. Moreover, it also adds more years and durability to your window screen.

A Simple Self-Repair Can Do More Damage to the Screens

If you find small cuts, rips, or missing trim around your window screen, consult a professional, and they can tell you if you need window screen replacement or repair. If it does need repairing, you'll want to call a repairman before trying to fix it.

A lot of these types of problems are easy to fix but can also be very tricky if done alone. It might end up breaking more and would cost you more money than if you just had it repaired.

Peninsula Mobile Screens offer good repairs for your window screen for better durability
Illustration of how possible signs of wear and tear can be around your area.

Look Out For More Signs of Wear

The discoloration of your window screen is also another thing to look out for. If the mesh screen material has faded in the sun over time, then it may be time to have your entire screen replaced. If the screen door has become fogged up due to condensation, then you may want to have it professionally cleaned.

Contact Us For Replacement and Repair Inquiries

If you notice any holes or tears in the damaged screen door trim, then you may need to remove the broken screen completely and replace it with a piece that's the same size. If you're not confident enough to remove and replace the trim, then you may want to contact Peninsula Mobile Screens, and we will be able to estimate how much your window screen repair will cost.

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