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Common issues you may face

Most of the time, Los Angeles residents don’t think about the condition of their window and door screens.  When they are in good repair, your screens keep problematic flying insects  outside homes and offices when we have windows and doors open to the lovely weather.  But when those screens fall into disrepair, you need the services of experts like Peninsula Mobile Screens to come quickly to your aid!

No matter where you are in the greater L.A. region, we can bring you screen repair in a timely fashion. From the beach communities to the surrounding ridges of hills, we provide on-site evaluations and services. We can offer you many options to address any problems you are having with your screens.

Causes of Damage

There are many things that can create the need for screen repair. A screen can be broken by an impact, when something falls against it or is accidentally shoved against it. The force of the gusty Santa Ana winds can blow palm fronds and tree branches into screens. Summer heat can cause frames to expand, and when they then contract, the frame can become warped. That can pull the edges of a screen free from the frame. Of course, highly active pets can claw openings into screens or cavorting children can push screens out of place.

Any of these occurrences can create an emergency need for screen repair. When that happens, Peninsula Mobile Screens can speed to your location. Wherever you are, we can be there. If you are in the hillside communities like Bel Air overlooking the Los Angeles basin, we can find our way to you down any narrow twisty street. If you are located in one of the beach communities like Hermosa Beach, our team can come to you on short notice. From central LA to the San Fernando Valley, we make our services available to potential customers.

Phantom Screens Repair & Replacement

Sometimes what you need is a seemingly easy repair of securing the edge of a screen into a frame. A make-shift repair is likely to be only a temporary solution. It is a much better idea to consult with an expert, to make sure that the fix actually becomes a fix and not an ongoing problem. A specialist in installing and repairing window and door screens can properly re-secure a loose screen in its frame. But when the frame itself is warped, a replacement may be called for.

Phantom & Retractable Screens

Screens can be made of several different types of materials. Screen meshes can be woven of metals, fiberglass, or various types of synthetic fibers. The frames for screens can be constructed of wood or metal; some frames are even constructed of heavier plastics. The most common metal used for screens is aluminum, which might be left a natural color, or be painted either charcoal gray or black. Fiberglass and synthetic fibers are of course even more flexible.

When you need screen repair, the possibilities can range from patching to out-and-out replacement. Our team can bring all necessary materials to your repair needs. Anywhere along the corridors for the 405 and the I-5, or across the region on the 10, the 105, or the 101, we are ready to bring repairs to you. Although some screens may be better served by being replaced, our aim is to please our customers and we will provide the service you request: repair or replacement. We are skilled in working with all screen materials.

Speedy Service

Since we come to you, wherever you are located in the greater Los Angeles region, we work hard to give you the speediest service possible. Whether your broken screen is part of screen doors or screen windows, we can handle your tasks. We understand the inconveniences of having damaged screens, a situation you are sure to want resolved as quickly as possible. We also understand that having repair experts in your home or office is also an intrusion. Because we keep these things in mind, we regularly deliver our services with speed and efficiency. You can feel assured that we will not linger over the work. We give you an estimate of the time required and we work hard to complete all work on time and on budget. Phantom Screens back to top

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