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We understand that a primary concern for homeowners in Los Angeles is maintaining the security of their residences. One of the key elements in home security can be the selection of a suitable security door for your place. Whether you live in the Hollywood Hills or the tree-lined streets of Culver City, you want to know that you have done your best to protect your home. The team at Peninsula Mobile Screens also specializes in providing our customers with the best options in security doors.

If you are uncertain about the reliability of your doors, you can have them evaluated by our expert. Gain our guidance to help you with any questions you have regarding door replacement for you to select the option that best meets your budget and needs. We can provide any southern Californian residents with any type of door, from protective screen doors to heavy frame doors to traditional screen doors.

Decorative residential door custom made for an exterior property

Types of Doors in Your Home

Front doors and back doors, even garage entry doors between a garage and house, have significance in the business of keeping your home secure. After all, you don’t want your home to resemble a prison environment. Happily, there are appealing options available for you to choose from.

A mesh door in the front door of a home

How Secure Are Your Doors?

Most of us do not consider the details that make for door security. We might have a retractable screen door for access to a balcony or patio. The back door or garage access door may be secured by only a spring-bolt lock. In our daily activity, we usually lock our door behind us as we go out and don’t think about it any further. However, a spring-bolt lock by itself is not necessarily a strong shield against lock picking, ram-raiding, or other means of door breaching. A spring-bolt lock can be opened without a key in various ways. But a dead-bolt lock can only be opened with a key.

The concern about dead-bolts however is that with sufficient force they can be broken. This is why a good security door reinforces the dead-bolt. Strike plates can be reinforced, and so can the door frame. These measures can keep the strike plate from popping out of the frame it if gets forced.

Entry Way Security Doors

For southern California residents that are concerned about their safety, whether they are in West Hollywood, Culver City, or Venice, having a new security door installed in their entryway can be a major undertaking. Entryway doors come in a variety of forms, from solid metal surfaces to more aesthetic bar-work. Discuss your needs with our security door installation expert, and we will provide you with the widest range of options that will meet those conditions.

Family happy and safe with their purchase of a exterior screen door
Security Door installed in the exterior of a home

Choosing Your Door

If you started by simply considering screen door repair but have decided that you want to upgrade to a security door, we can help you with a wide range of options. We have a selection that runs from solid, very functional guard doors to elegant options of open grillwork.

We can replace your old screen door with a security door of modern design, with a secure dead-bolt lock and a solid strike plate. We will measure the size of your doorway, as well as make sure that the doorframe will properly support your new security door. We will also check any other entrances to your residence to make sure that your security is maintained throughout your home. Learn about the costs of Security Doors here.

Reliable Service

From simple door repair to the installation of security doors, Peninsula Mobile Screens can provide you with comprehensive service. You will receive attentive and reliable service from us as we consult with you about your screen and security door concerns. We provide prompt and courteous delivery and installation. Call us today for a consultation about your needs, wherever you are in southern California. We will be happy to bring you the solution you want right to your door!

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