Giving Your Cats Space to Roam in Your Home

As a cat owner, giving your new cat or kitten extra space to roam around is crucial, especially if you want them to avoid potentially dangerous situations. The great news is that there are some great solutions available to help you give your cat that extra freedom they need.

Installing A Cat Door to Your Garden or Backyard

One of the simplest and most effective solutions is to install a cat door. A cat door is a simple mechanism that allows you to separate the outdoor cat space from the indoor environment.

A cat door installation will also allow your outdoor cat the ability to get in and out as needed without ever needing to climb their way in.

Peninsula Mobile Screens uses great wood and glass exterior doors which work great as cat doors.
Peninsula Mobile Screens have the most secure pet doors with several options

Different Types of Cat Doors for Different Needs

You can choose between several types of cat doors: magnetic, slide-in, enclosed, or cat flap. The advantage of having a cat door is that it prevents moisture, cold, and humidity from entering the house. This is a necessary feature in areas that experience extreme temperatures and in the wintertime when your house cat will need to go outside to escape the warmth.

Cat doors ensure that your house cat has a safe place to escape to when it feels threatened as well as free them when they need to roam. This also eliminates the need for a litter box. We offer different types of cat flap and cat door fit for different felines. Talk to us about what more we can do for you, and from there, we can provide your pet with the best door.

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