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It’s one thing to know you need to repair or replace your window screens, but it is another to actually reach out to a professional service like Peninsula Mobile Screens for window screen installation. With the great weather in Los Angeles, screens are an important part of keeping your home in good condition. The southern California region has such an appealing climate that there are long stretches of time between “heater season” and “turn on the air conditioning.” Open windows can bring in cool air from the wide ocean curve of Santa Monica Bay or the warmer air that comes down from the Mojave Desert. But we need those screens to keep out bugs and other flying critters.

Window screens aren’t our only interface with the outdoors. It’s also nice to have your doorways open to the air, so keeping screen doors in good condition is also important to your daily lives. When considering replacement window screens or doors, it’s important to consult with a professional to discuss and possible challenges to getting the perfect screens for your needs.

Screen Repair

There are so many things that can create the need for screen repair. Whether they are wood or metal, screen frames can easily expand and warp here in the LA summer heat. This distortion in the frame of your screen can cause tears or fraying, and you can be sure that bugs will find their way inside through any opening. Of course, age also can create disrepair for your window and door screens. Pets and small children can find all manner of creative ways to damage and destroy your window screens.

While window screen repair may seem like a simple thing, a sliding screen door replacement can turn out to be a complicated task. It is worth it to consult professionals like Peninsula Mobile Screens. Many factors can contribute to the challenge of the situation, from the physical to the esthetic. Simply “patching up” a screen will not necessarily be the answer to your problem.

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Screen Installation Concerns

There are many factors that you need to consider when you prepare to address your screen repairs or replacements.

  • Size of the window opening to be screened
  • The Shape of the window opening to be screened
  • Any sliding screen doors to be replaced or repaired
  • Type of patio screen doors, if any
  • Type of regular screen door preferred
  • Type of mesh preferred for the screen
  • Whether the screen will be retractable or not

All of these matters can require preparatory work. You will also need to discuss with the installer the type of frames you want, whether they will be wood, metal, or heavy plastic. Will you want a dark-colored screen or not?

Window screen replacement and installation is not as simple a matter as it might seem when you start thinking about it. After all, you will be living with these screens for several years once they are properly installed. You want to be sure that you get the best for your money. And we are here to deliver the very best to you.

Options for New Retractable Screens

As technology has advanced, there are more options available to homeowners when it comes to installing new screens in your residence. For instance, Phantom Retractable Screens, for which Peninsula Mobile Screens is an authorized dealer, provide the homeowner with considerable flexibility of use: you can retract them when you do not want the screen obstructing your view. You can also order these fine retractable screens in a range of standard colors or even get them custom colored to suit your interior or exterior decor.

You can request a mesh screen door as easily as a more traditional aluminum wire screen door. You can have your window screen fitted for your uniquely sized window if necessary.

Choosing Reliable Service

Peninsula Mobile Screens has prided itself on bringing customers the very best service. We are attentive to your needs. We will consult with you and give you our best recommendation on the solution to your problems. And we will always be guided by your concerns, and work to meet your expectations.

Wherever you are in Los Angeles, the installation of screens for windows and doorways is our business. You can be sure that we understand the area and your specific weather and climate needs whether you live in Montrose, Hermosa Beach, or anywhere in between. Call today, and we’ll come to your location to consult with you about your screen needs.

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