Wherever you are in the greater Los Angeles region, Peninsula Mobile Screens can provide you and your home or office with the finest services and products for window and door screens. We can provide for all of your door and window screen repair and maintenance. We understand that well-fitted screens can improve your home and your experience with our wonderful Southern California climate.
 Security Windows surrounding the dining area to be used for protection

Vista security windows

Phantom screens are the leading maker of high-quality modern retractable screen products. Peninsula Mobile Screens is an authorized dealer of Phantom Screens. These screens come in a wide range of shades from white to charcoal, as well as custom colors that we generate to match any color swatch you provide.

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Peninsula Mobile Screens work with great windows that can overlook your porch

Porch Windows

Large windows and small windows, any window, we can provide you with customized screens, either traditional fixed screens or modern retractable screens. Whether you’re looking for a screen that keeps the insects out, protects them from sunlight, or offers you a high degree of privacy, we have what you’re looking for here at Peninsula Mobile Screens.

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An exterior structure secured with Extra-Large window screen doors provided by Peninsula Mobile Screens

Window Screens Door

Screen doors, whether a swing door that opens either inward or outward, single doors or double doors, sliding doors, we can provide you with custom-fit fixed and retractable screen doors for your home.

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A well furnished and well-lit dining room thanks to the utilized repaired window screens in the area

Window Screen Repairs

These modern roll-away screens are ideal for the weather in southern California. When you want a wide-open door or, window the Phantom Screens roll away, out of sight and out of the way. The flexible mesh materials used for the retractable screens can be any of several shades of gray or in custom colors that can match the home environment color schemes. You can also choose between manual closures or automated closures.

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Sliding window built with metal for stronger and more durable windows frames

Metal Windows

We also install large retractable screens to enclose your outside lounge areas, patios, and porches. We can handle openings as large as 25 feet across and 16 feet tall. Enjoy your patio or porch without worrying about irritating insects. Enjoy the cool breezes sweeping inland from the beach communities of the South Bay or the desert warmth that comes on the wings of the Santa Ana winds.

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Peninsula Mobile Screens provide great sliding screen window doors built with aluminum windows for better durability in higher temperatures

Aluminum Windows

When you desire increased security for your entryways, we can provide the best in security doors. From solid surfaces to open and artistic grillwork and bars, we offer a wide variety of options. We make sure the deadbolts on these doors are protected by strong strike plates.

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A dog protected by the security window alongside a pet door in the back area of the house

Security Windows

We can also supply you with pet doors that are suited for your particular household animals. Whether you have a small dog or cat or a large dog, we can install pet access that meets the needs of your family.

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 Peninsula Mobile Screens allow families to enjoy indoor and outdoor premises of their home thanks to security window screens

Security Window Screens

If you have uniquely shaped windows or doorways, we can create the window screen or door screen you need.
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