July 12, 2015 |

Doorways to Coolness

sliding screen door to a patioEveryone should have screen doors in their home or apartment, so that they can let some of the outdoors inside. There are times when the weather and temperatures are in a pleasing range, where you need neither central heating or air conditioning. That’s when screen doors are the best things to have.

Frame Doors

Regular doors, hung on hinges, can have screens in them. Many decorative arrangements for screen doors can be made, with cut out panels or ornamental frame works. If someone is considering adding a screen door to their home, they can be stylish, rather than just pragmatic. The object is to create enough of an opening for screens and letting fresh air into the residence. Residents need not think that their only option is a non-stylish metal frame with panels.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a great option for openings that give access to private yards and patios. The possibility of a full opening making way for breezes into the indoors can be very alluring.  Sliding screen doors can be fitted to your exact opening. You can select the fineness of the mesh that covers the opening, and the material used. The options for the screen itself run from wire mesh to synthetic monofilament.  Sliding doors can enhance the experience of access to your yard and patio from inside, and still keep the unwanted flying creatures from invading your interior spaces.

Letting the Outside In

Screen doors help expand the residential environment. They allow the light and air into the residence. In doing that, they also keep the less appealing factors of the out-of-doors on the outside: insects, small creatures, leaves and other wind-borne objects. For the residents, having that degree of access to the natural world outside helps counter the artificiality of most of modern, urban life. If you are considering enhancing your home with new screens, consider what you can gain by selecting screen doors as part of the improvements.

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