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The Best Ways to Protect Your Screen Doors From Damage

If your mission is to keep pests and debris from invading your home while letting in light and a cool breeze, it's time to invest in high-quality screen doors and window screens for your living and porch areas. However, the screens on doors and windows are more vulnerable to damage than the actual door or window […]
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Have You Forgotten to Clean Your Window Screens? Here's Why You Shouldn't

There may not be another part of your house easier to forget than your screens. They protect your house heroically, and come in many styles. You have your choice of mesh, mesh color, and you can even choose retractable screen versions. In addition to keeping your house pest free, these defenders bear the responsibility of […]
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Is Your Home Safe? If You Don't Have a Security Door, It's Not.

It used to be that you could just go to bed with your doors unlocked, without a worry at all. You might remember those days; however, it's not like it used to be. Nowadays, more and more families are investing in alarm systems to protect their homes. Better than an alarm, however, is a security […]
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5 Questions to Consider Before Buying Your Next Screen Door

The main function of a screen door is to let the cool breeze in, and keep the nasty bugs out. These functions haven’t changed much over the past century or so. The mesh in your window screen or door acts as a screen to keep disease carrying insects, like house flies and mosquitoes, from entering […]
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Do You Know The Different Types of Window Screens?

There’s an age-old problem. Just when it starts getting nice enough to open your windows and doors, the bugs come out. Leaving your windows open without window screens is like inviting armies of insects into your home. Fortunately, your options for window screens have come a long way since they were weaving horse hair for […]
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4 Crafty Ways To Re-Use Your Old Window Screens

Congratulations on getting brand new window screens installed by a professional. Now that you've got your windows looking great, you'll need to do something with the old window screens you replaced. If you don’t want to simply throw them away, there are a number of different ways to can re-use those old window screens. Here […]
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