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Screen Installation & Repair News

5 Great Reasons To Check Your Window Screens Today!

How often do you think about your window screens? Not many people think of a window screen as a high priority maintenance job, but your screens do a lot for your home. Keeping your window screens in good repair not only saves you money, but it also keeps your home more secure. Here are five…
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How to Upgrade Screen Doors the Fast and Easy Way

Want to add value and curb appeal to your home? Look no further than the screen door on the front of your house. Screen doors are a sound investment that give visitors a great first impression. They can help give the front facade of your home a unique look. A good screen door can add…
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Great Ideas To Make Your Security Screen Door More Secure

When it comes to security, we'd all like our doors to be as safe and secure as possible. But what can you add to a security screen door to make it more protective? Here are a few ideas for making your security screen door even more effective. Make Some Noise Alarms are a relatively simple…
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Five Awesome Tips for Buying a Screen Door

A screen door makes a wonderful addition to any home. Door and window screens allow light and air into your home while keeping bugs and insects at bay. A security door offers even more protection to the outside of a home. But before you make the call to have your screen door professionally installed, here…
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