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Is Your Home Safe? If You Don't Have a Security Door, It's Not.

It used to be that you could just go to bed with your doors unlocked, without a worry at all. You might remember those days; however, it's not like it used to be. Nowadays, more and more families are investing in alarm systems to protect their homes. Better than an alarm, however, is a security door. If you’ve got an alarm, it can help once burglars are in your home, but if you’ve got a security door, it can keep burglars out to begin with. Many burglars like to use your front door, so it’s important that you add as much protection as you can. You can ask your screen door company to install one of these doors for you.

Installing a security door is an excellent way to beef up your protection, while avoiding the very expensive recurring fees of alarm systems. Even though it’s simple, you can encourage possible robbers to simply move on to an easier target with a security door.

The Types of Doors

You don’t have to choose form over function when installing a security door. Quality security doors come in many different styles. You can get your security door in single or double pane. Likewise, you can choose between single or multiple locks. You can get an openwork steel door, with a wrought iron design and tempered glass back. Alternatively, you can get a door that looks just like a regular wood or fiberglass door. These doors look plain, but on the inside, they’re reinforced with steel. You also have a choice of thickness and hinge styles. Your door can be thick, often up to 50mm, and you can choose from between four and eight hinges to support it.

Benefits of Security Doors

Obviously, the whole point of your security door is to prevent break-ins. You can get protection against drills, and use hinge screws on the hidden hinges. Hinge screws make sure your door can’t be opened even if the hinge pins have been removed. However, you might not have imagined the other advantages to security doors:

  • Fire Resistant

Because your door will be made of steel to make it strong against burglars, you also get resistance to fire. Galvanized metal is hard to burn, and even if you manage to burn your door, it burns very slowly. For this reason, some people even use steel doors inside their homes, to prevent a fire from spreading quickly.

  • Energy Saving

You might not think about this one, since it’s not obvious. During the summer, when it’s hotter, you can bolt your security door and leave your main door open. This way, you keep pests out, and keep your home secure, while creating a breeze. With that breeze, you’ll avoid using your AC as much. In the winter, when it starts cooling down, the extra layer of steel will insulate your doorway against cold wind and escaping heat.

  • Natural Lighting

Much like allowing a breeze in hot weather, leaving your main door open will bring extra natural light in. You can use that extra light to brighten up your space, making it look larger. Alternatively, you can use that extra natural light to use less electricity, helping you save even more energy.

  • Long Lasting

One of the advantages of the tough construction of a security door is its long life. Because these doors are designed to be durable, you don’t have to worry about cracks or other imperfections.

  • Improved Curb Appeal

Gone are the days of ugly security doors. These days, you can choose from such a large selection of designs and colors, you’re sure to find one that matches the rest of your home décor. You can add a polished look to your house, while adding to your property value at the same time.

  • Easy Access

Security Doors are made with access in mind, even though you get them to prevent access. The bottom part of the door frame is welded low enough for wheelchairs to pass through the doorway easily. Because of how low the door frame is set, you don’t have to worry about stubbed toes, or tripping children.

With all these benefits, security doors are one of the best investments you can make. If you want help finding and installing your security door, Peninsula Mobile Screens is just a call, email, or click away. If you’d like to show off your own beautiful security doors, please share your image on the Facebook page.


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