October 17, 2016 |

5 Great Reasons To Check Your Window Screens Today!

How often do you think about your window screens? Not many people think of a window screen as a high priority maintenance job, but your screens do a lot for your home. Keeping your window screens in good repair not only saves you money, but it also keeps your home more secure. Here are five great reasons why you should check your windows regularly to see if you need any window screen repair or replacement:

A Window Screen Keeps Unwanted Things Out

Window screens help keep wind-blown debris from dirtying up your home. Especially on windy days, your window screens help to keep your home clean and tidy.

A window screen is also good at keeping flies, bees, and other unwanted pests outside where they belong, instead of inside, bugging you. Window screens are also a good deterrent for larger problems like squirrels, birds, and other animals. Open windows without screens, or that need a window screen repair, are an open invitation to critters of all kinds to enter your home.

Window Screens Protect Your Pets

A window screen in good repair not only keeps unwanted pests out, it also helps keep your beloved pets in. With a good secure screen in place, you don’t have to worry about your pets going outside when they shouldn’t. A strong screen on your window makes a great deterrent if your pet has any sneaky ideas of getting out when you don’t want them to!

Another Layer of Theft Deterrence

Most people do not think of their window screens as a theft deterrent.  But a window screen is another obstacle that a potential burglar needs to get through to get into your home. If you make sure to keep your  window screens well maintained and firmly attached, you add an extra deterrent to a would-be thief.

If you have security in mind for your window screens, ask about tougher and more secure screens when planning window screens replacement. You can ask your professional window screen repair technician for advice on a more secure screen for your windows.

Screens Makes Your House Look Better

A window screen in good repair always makes a house look better. Worn looking or torn screens on a home have a negative effect on the overall curb appeal of homes. With a good window screen repair job around your home, you can restore the natural curb appeal and beauty your home deserves. And since your window screens replacement repair is inexpensive when done by a professional technician, you can help beautify your home for not a lot of money.

Save On Energy Costs

A window screen in good repair lets in natural sunlight and air. Why turn on expensive air conditioning and waste energy?   Window screens give you the peace of mind to simply open the window and let the fresh breeze flow through your house.

If too much light and heat is an issue, you can ask your window screen technician about special solar screens. These solar screens help keep out the sun’s light and heat, while still allowing a fresh breeze to enter your home.

High Quality Window Techs Are Affordable

There are a lot of good reasons to take a second look at your window screens around your home, and make sure they are in good repair. If you want a quality window screen repair done right, you should always call a professional. The expert technicians at Peninsula Mobile Screens know how to get the job done quickly and reliably. They can also recommend the best options for screen mesh and frame material for your windows. They know the best materials to make sure your window screens last longer and bring more lasting curb appeal.

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