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Mesh With Your Screens

Ever since they were first introduced in the early 1800s, the window screen has been an important part of making a home comfortable, especially when the weather outside is good. The window screen allows residents to have an open view to the out-of-doors without letting insects and other flying creatures invade the house. They have been […]
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A Drought-Resistant View Outside Your Window

When you have a pleasant view outside your window screen, it inspires you to keep your blinds and curtains open. There is beauty to be seen on a daily basis. The possibilities of letting in fresh air are also things many people don’t take advantage of. But having effective modern window and door screens can […]
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Doorways to Coolness

Everyone should have screen doors in their home or apartment, so that they can let some of the outdoors inside. There are times when the weather and temperatures are in a pleasing range, where you need neither central heating or air conditioning. That’s when screen doors are the best things to have. Frame Doors Regular […]
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Mesh Screens Surplus Brings Bug-Free Living To America

Are you looking to install or replace that mesh screen door or those window screens in your home? You might be interested to know that screens have evolved over the years to become a reliable defense against an insect invasion! The most common material used for window and door screens is a cloth made from aluminum […]
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Don't Be Bugged!

When fair weather comes, everyone likes to have their windows open to the world, protecting their interiors with a window screen. Open windows let in fresh, moving air. They let in the scents that cruise on the breezes. And those screens that are everywhere keep all types of bugs on the outside. Having good screens can […]
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