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Annual Events in Los Angeles That You Cannot Miss

Many events and festivals take place throughout the year in Los Angeles. With such a mild climate, why miss out? Take a look at the must-do activities that will make you see Los Angeles like you never imagined it! From January to March: Red carpet fashion shows Golden Globes: 2nd Sunday in January. Sometimes considered […]
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The History of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the most important city in California, surpassing San Francisco. It is a huge city, home to many people and businesses. Los Angeles is also home to Peninsula Mobile Screens Repair & Security Doors. It has more than 17,000,000 inhabitants. They live mainly in the aeronautical industry, the cinema, and tourism. Discover the […]
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Places You Must See in Hollywood

Los Angeles. 2nd largest city in the United States, almost 4 million inhabitants, an area of 502.7 sq mi., dozens of museums and attractions... and you. What to do and what to see first? What are the top attractions in L.A.? Here are the best bits of the City of Angels. The Hollywood Sign There […]
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Meeting famous people in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is famous for its Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills homes filled with amazing patio screen doors, decorative windows and a view for miles. It's also home to movie studios. But let's face it. When you're in Los Angeles, who hasn't hoped to bump into one of the many celebrities living in the City […]
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Front Door Security Screens

Protect Your Family Whether it's a new home that's just being built, or an older home that's just being renovated, security screen doors and windows are essential to the safety of your home. These screens will help deter burglars and intruders because they block them out while you're away from your home. If you are […]
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Common Insects You’ll See on Your Window Screens in Los Angeles

California has seen its most humid summers in several decades. Unfortunately for us, with high humidity comes a very unwelcome set of guests: bugs! Many insects like to breed in high humidity. Some are actually good for us to have around, as they help us and our environment. However, there are some bugs that are […]
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