January 20, 2018 |

Have You Forgotten to Clean Your Window Screens? Here's Why You Shouldn't

There may not be another part of your house easier to forget than your screens. They protect your house heroically, and come in many styles. You have your choice of mesh, mesh color, and you can even choose retractable screen versions. In addition to keeping your house pest free, these defenders bear the responsibility of completing your house’s looks. You may recognize the need to keep your windows clean, but have you thought about your screens? Beyond aesthetics there are plenty of reasons you shouldn’t ignore cleaning your window screens.

New Screens Will Improve Your Air Quality

Spring will be here soon, and you’ll get weather that calls for open windows. After you’ve kept the windows closed all winter, what’s better than a warm breeze through your house? Well, that same breeze through a freshly cleaned screen is better. You probably haven’t neglected your fans, or HVAC screen. There have been studies highlighting the respiratory danger you face from unclean air, and you don’t want to forget your screens when cleaning. No matter the type of screen you have, they all collect dirt and grime. Even a simple cleaning can make the breeze through the house even more enjoyable.

Clean Screens Keep Windows Clean

When your screen is dirty, it can shorten its lifespan. If you aren’t cleaning your screen often, more than just dirt builds up. Salts, sap, and other damaging materials can take hold. In addition to more frequent replacements, you’re going to see dirtier windows. Rain doesn’t actually contribute to this as much as you'd think. On the contrary, all the dirt in your screen gets transferred to the window. When rain hits your window, it must push through the screen, which makes the water grimy and dirty. You won’t get away with never cleaning your windows, but your windows will stay clean longer, and be easier to clean in the future.

Show Off Your Beautiful House with Clean Screens

What’s the point of having beautifully clean windows if they’re behind a dirty screen? If you pay professionals to clean your windows, you’re wasting money if you’re not having them cleaned at the same time. You wouldn’t show off masterwork art behind dirty display cases covered in gunk, and you shouldn’t show off a shining window behind a dirty screen either. Cleaning isn’t difficult, if you’re not already paying someone else to do so.

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