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The Best Ways to Protect Your Screen Doors From Damage

If your mission is to keep pests and debris from invading your home while letting in light and a cool breeze, it's time to invest in high-quality screen doors and window screens for your living and porch areas. However, the screens on doors and windows are more vulnerable to damage than the actual door or window itself. For example, insects or extreme sun or wind might damage the mesh on a screen door. Here are a few things you should watch out for that may damage your screen doors or windows, and how you can take measures to prevent damage.

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Stop the Bad Bugs From Eating Your Screen Doors

One of the main jobs of screen doors and windows is to keep bugs such as flies and other insects from entering your home. However, some bugs are voracious and not very picky eaters. They may instead find your screen door a tasty treat. This is especially true if you use a fiber mesh, instead of plastic or metal. The best solution is to simply upgrade to a metal one. However, if this is not possible you can spray the door itself with insect repellant. Remove the screen door or frame, and lay it flat on the floor to ensure an even coat during application. Then, make sure to let it fully dry before reinstalling. This should help prevent bugs from snacking on your screen door mesh.

Storm Doors Get Too Hot in the Summer

One issue that some people experience is that their glass or metal storm doors will get too hot during the daytime. This is particularly evident during the summers in Los Angeles. Any metal or glass storm door, with or without Low-E glass, will trap a great deal of heat. This heat can cause damage to not only the interior of your door but the interior of your home as well. If you have a wood floor, too much heat can damage the wood or its finish. In addition, if your door has plastic trim, having too much heat can melt these parts.

However, you can prevent heat buildup by simply adding a little ventilation. If you are purchasing a new storm door, consider getting one with a movable (or removable) glass panel. This way, the window can be opened to let heat escape on sunny days. At night or on cloudy days, you can close the panels to keep heat in. You can also drill small holes in the top and bottom rails of an existing storm door to help the heat escape. Make sure to drill the holes "upward" to keep water out (and don't forget to paint afterward). You can also ask your screen door professional about adding special films or tinting to block out the sun’s rays.

Don’t let Your Screen Door be the Wind’s Whipping Boy

One of the purposes of screen doors and window screens is to let a breeze into your home. However, nature sometimes gives us a little too much of what we want. In some places, gusts of wind can be so strong it might take the door right out of your hand! Eventually, continuous strong winds will damage a screen door’s frame and pneumatic door closer. You can install added protection from high winds, such as a storm door chain to prevent the door from blowing too far in a strong wind gust. You can also strengthen the door jamb itself. Finally, a stronger pneumatic door closer helps to lessen the impact of gusty winds.

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Children and Pets- Tiny Terrors to Screen Doors

Sometimes, accidents happen. And if you have kids or pets, you know that an accident is just one screen door slam away. All it takes is a forceful push or unwitting jab by your small ones, and you are left with a hole or other damage to your screen. One of the best ways to protect your screen door, in this case, is to install a protective grill. There are many options when installing a grill, including ones that cover the full frame, or even just the lower half of the screen. The best part about adding this protection is choosing from a variety of styles and colors to accent the look of your home. You can even contact your door and window screen professional to design and install a custom protective grill!

Beautiful Custom Screen Doors are Built to Last

Even though door and window screens can be prone to damage, taking a few simple steps can bolster protection. Installation professionals and designers build screens to last as long as possible, and a custom screen door with a protective grill gives your home a beautiful personal touch. If you’re thinking about upgrading your screens, or have an idea for a custom design, contact your window and screen door specialist today to improve the look and comfort of your home.

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