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4 Crafty Ways To Re-Use Your Old Window Screens

Congratulations on getting brand new window screens installed by a professional. Now that you've got your windows looking great, you'll need to do something with the old window screens you replaced. If you don’t want to simply throw them away, there are a number of different ways to can re-use those old window screens. Here…
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5 Great Reasons To Check Your Window Screens Today!

How often do you think about your window screens? Not many people think of a window screen as a high priority maintenance job, but your screens do a lot for your home. Keeping your window screens in good repair not only saves you money, but it also keeps your home more secure. Here are five…
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What Everyone Ought To Know About Door Screens

Just as summer calls us to lemonade on the porch, open screen doors and windows, and the smells of a cookout, it also calls hundreds of nasty insects.  Insects can be a real pain to deal with, buzzing and crawling into your house and onto your food, your pets, and your family.  Thankfully, a good…
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Install Screens Now!

With the springtime fast approaching, the time to install new screen doors and window screens in Los Angeles is right now. For the first time in many years, California enjoyed a winter that offered near-normal amounts of rainfall. That means that there will be near-normal plant growth as well as normal insect hatching behavior. Having the flowers…
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