Refurbish Your House Trim and Screens

When you stand on the sidewalk and look at your house, you may decide that perhaps the house trim could be retouched or some window screen repair be done. Summer, when the weather is more stable, is a great time to tackle such chores. You should think about these things even if you are not planning to sell your house. Regular maintenance to the outside of your home helps keep it in good condition. Paying attention to simple aspects helps prevent costly repairs later.
Improve your home by painting the house trim and doing window screen repair.

Benefits of a New Paint Job

Tackling the job of refurbishing your house trim isn’t just a matter of improving the appearance of the house. There are several benefits to giving the exterior of the home some loving attention.

  • Increasing the “curb appeal”
  • Protecting the building materials from damage
  • Changing the look and feel of the home
  • Improving your home’s interaction with the environment

“Curb appeal” often occurs as the main reason for redoing the exterior of a home. When you are preparing to move and sell your home, you certainly want it to look its best. A new paint job and other external repairs like window screens replacement go a long way toward increasing the initial value of your home. It will do better on the market when it looks good.

But if you have no intention of selling the house, a good paint job also goes a long way in protecting the building materials from damage. When properly prepared for painting, surfaces will be scraped and/or sanded, removing cracked paint that can allow weather or pest damage to the wood or stucco of the house. New paint properly applied will give the house a weather-resistant shield.

If you have been finding the exterior of your home bland or even depressing because the color has faded, a new paint job can change all that. You don’t have to choose an outrageous color for the walls to bring an uplifting and appealing look to the home. You can paint the house trim and window frames something bright and engaging. Changes like that can quickly turn a solemn looking home into one that is warm and inviting.

Many people don’t consider how a new paint job can make their home more environmentally friendly. Certainly, newer paints on the interior can have fewer toxic fumes for those who are especially sensitive to chemicals. But additionally, on the exterior moisture resistant paint can help prevent the invasion of molds and mildew.

The Details of House Trim and Screens

When tackling refurbishing the house, give special attention to the nature of your house trim and screens. A Victorian home may have “gingerbread” house trim that requires special attention. A Craftsman home with exposed ends of roof beams may need to have some repairs done to counter damage from woodpeckers. It is a good idea to make sure the frames for the window screens are not warped. You might even want to consider adding a retractable screen door for your patio door.

Choosing Services

When you decide to proceed with this home improvement project, take the time to select services that understand exactly what you want and need. Your friendly neighbor who offers you a cut rate may be an honest fellow, but if house painting and screen replacement is not his profession you might not be getting the best value. A professional house painter will know the environmental benefits of specific paints. If you want to add something special to your home like retractable window screens, you need to choose an expert who deals with them on a regular basis. When it comes to window screens, you can feel assured that Peninsula Mobile Screens will offer you the best in goods and services.

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