January 28, 2016 |

Install Screens Now!

Mosquito biting skinWith the springtime fast approaching, the time to install new screen doors and window screens in Los Angeles is right now. For the first time in many years, California enjoyed a winter that offered near-normal amounts of rainfall. That means that there will be near-normal plant growth as well as normal insect hatching behavior.

Having the flowers and plants available to feed on means that California’s native species of insects are bound to come roaring back in numbers not seen since the drought began. California should see a return to insects everywhere. While that’s good for the health of the environment, you certainly don’t want them in your home.

Check Your Screens

A lack of need means a lack of attention. You may not have paid much attention to your screens during the drought, as a lack of water has meant a decrease in the number of mosquitoes, bees and wasps in your area.

Walk around your home and check the state of your screen doors and window screens. If you have a two-story home, check your upstairs window screens from inside. Check for signs of rust or corrosion in the framework of the screens through which insects may be able to gain access to your home. It can be maddening to suddenly find bugs in your house when you’re positive that your screens are complete and solid. Check for the obvious holes in the screen and frayed areas as well.

Castle Walls of Your Home

Remember that screens act as a defense measure that seem as strong as castle walls to tiny insects. These insects are not the flies, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, roaches and gnats that are attacking and pestering you and your family. We’re talking about the termites that can wreak devastation on your house through the smallest hole in your defenses and if they are able to breech these screen doors and windows and infest your home they can mean expensive repairs. Screens on your doors and windows provide an effective deterrent against flying termites as well as crawling ones.

Good for the Environment

Apart from keeping Nature’s critters out of your home, screen doors and windows also provide a low-cost way to moderate the heat exchange in your home as well. By providing skylights and vents with screen enclosures in addition to those on your doors and windows, you are protecting your home while saving money. There’s no need to rely on expensive air-conditioning systems to provide an artificial breeze when Mother Nature can easily give you the real thing.

By opening doors and windows on both sides of your home. it’s simple to achieve a flow-through ventilation that can get rid of cooking and other odors and provide fresh air to the entire home quickly. All this can be done without having to waste electricity and so add to the carbon footprint of your community, and this is good for the environment.

A Healthy Atmosphere

By the simple act of opening doors and windows, you also will be providing yourself and your family with a positive atmosphere in which to live. Simply by throwing back the closed drapes and providing a cool fresh breeze into a closed environment, people’s moods are lightened. Fresh air can work wonders on a person’s mental outlook and rejuvenate a home.

Being Able to Trust Your Screens

The key to being able to keep unwanted tiny visitors out and letting the fresh air into your home all lies in the health of your screen doors and window screens. There are still a couple of months left before Mother Nature gets down to the serious business of multiplying the native species. Be prepared for the result of this season’s rains by replacing your old and damaged screen doors and window screens before it’s too late. Call Peninsula Mobile Screens to arrange a visit from them today.

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