December 19, 2015 |

How Window Screens Can Help You Go Green

A child peers through a window screen.With December’s Paris climate talks in the news and a new year on the horizon, many people are considering making more eco-friendly choices. Whether it’s focusing on conserving water or doing a better job recycling, there are many ways to be environmentally friendly. One simple way to reduce your energy costs and make your house more “green” is to install window screens and screen doors.

Energy Saving Tips, the U.S. Energy Department’s home on the web, shares tips for energy efficient window treatments. Among them is the use of window screens. A mesh window screen that completely covers your window can reduce the amount of heat going into your home during the hot summer months by diffusing solar radiation. This is also helpful if you enjoy having your door open during warmer months. A solar screen door can help reduce the amount of heat coming into your home, allowing you to keep your door open longer.

Different mesh window and door screens provide different amounts of coverage. An insect mesh screen can block up to 40% of UV rays and allows maximum ventilation. A solar screen blocks up to 65% of UV rays while still allowing a nice breeze to come in. A qualified technician can help you determine which type of screen is best suited for your needs and home.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Window and door screens can also help you reduce your carbon footprint. Rather than constantly relying on heating and cooling systems to moderate the temperature of your home, screen doors and windows allow you to let in a cool breeze, naturally regulating the temperature of your home. Opening windows and doors to cool your home can help you save on energy costs. Air conditioners and heaters are energy hogs and contribute to high electric bills. Window and door screens make it easy to cut back and let your windows and door remove some of that energy burden.

In addition to the energy benefits, window screens and screen doors help keep unwanted pests out of your home. Rather than using unsafe pesticides in your home or attempting to knock out flying bugs with a fly swatter or newspaper, a well-made window screen can reduce the number of pests that crawl and fly through your windows, alleviating the need for unsafe measures. And with beautiful retractable screen doors and patio screen doors, you don’t have to sacrifice style for utility. A qualified technician can help you choose the perfect door and window treatments to match the style of your home.

With continued water conservation efforts in LA and the ongoing growth of an eco-conscious movement, simple solutions for reducing our carbon footprint are always useful. Window and door screens not only allow you to enjoy cool evenings and brisk mornings with fresh air, but they keep out any unwanted pests and reduce solar radiation. In addition, window and door screens can also provide more security for your home, especially when paired with security doors and bars. Elegant solutions can be found and customized for any home.

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