How to Upgrade Screen Doors the Fast and Easy Way

Want to add value and curb appeal to your home? Look no further than the screen door on the front of your house. Screen doors are a sound investment that give visitors a great first impression. They can help give the front facade of your home a unique look. A good screen door can add to a home’s material value as well. Whether you live in Nashville, Tennessee, or Los Angeles, California, new screen doors add value and beauty to any home front.

Adding a screen door is smart. If you've already got a screen door, you can still improve the looks of your house with these inexpensive tips for upgrading the current one:

Paint Your Screen Door

Adding a splash of color to your screen door goes a long way towards adding extra curb appeal. You’ll need to use different paints, depending on whether you have a metal screen door or a wood screen door. It helps to use painter’s tape on the edges of your screen mesh when painting, so you don’t paint the mesh itself. You can even paint retractable screen doors or sliding screen doors for a fresh new look.

Add a Custom Screen Door Magnet

A screen door magnet makes a great non-permanent addition to a screen door. A screen door magnet is a pair of decorations with magnets on the back. The magnets securely hold each other back-to-back through the screen. You can use magnets on both metal screens and fiberglass screens.

For a good DIY project, create your own decorations out of lightweight wood or metal. Make them in pairs for each side of the screen door. You can attach magnets to the backs to hold them securely to the door mesh. If magnets are not available, you can push thumb tacks through the screen and into wood decorations, or wrap thin wire through the screen door and around the decorations.

Change the Door Handle

A new handle is the easiest accessory you can install on your screen door. With so many to choose from, you can easily create a unique look for your screen door. You can choose from knobs, thumb latches, side latches, and more. The possibilities of styles, colors, and textures are endless.

Add House Numbers

Adding house numbers to your screen door frame adds curb appeal and makes your house easier to find. When you boldly display your house numbers, you'll also be helping people find other addresses on your block. With so many colors and styles to choose from, you can select a look that’s perfect for your style.

Add a Pneumatic Closer

If your screen door does not have one of these, consider adding one. A pneumatic closer helps you make sure your screen door always stays closed. If you or a family member tends to forget to close your screen door, this the perfect accessory for you. Pneumatic closers are inexpensive and easy to install on screen doors, but a professional can do it for you at a reasonable price.

Replace Your Screen Doors for a Fresh New look

Maybe it’s time to replace the screen door itself? You can perform a screen door replacement, and swap your old screen door for a new, modern screen door. New screen doors can also have custom embellishments such as a beautifully etched storm door window, or a metal door guard. Choose from one of the many pre-built screen doors, or order a custom screen door to really set your house apart.

Let a Professional Help With Your Screen Doors

A professional screen door technician can assist you in selecting the best options to give your screen doors a fresh new look. A screen door is a great investment in your house, one that's sure to last for years to come. A screen door is also one of the first things someone sees as they approach your house. It makes sense to make the best first impression possible.

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