When it comes to security, we'd all like our doors to be as safe and secure as possible. But what can you add to a security screen door to make it more protective? Here are a few ideas for making your security screen door even more effective.

Make Some Noise

Alarms are a relatively simple deterrent.  A technician places one sensor on top of the door, and one the doorjamb. If the door opens, the connection between the sensors is broken. That triggers the alarm. A loud and piercing alarm is usually enough to scare off even the most dedicated intruder.

Some businesses prefer a silent alarm. When triggered, the alarm silently activates and contacts the owner or police. This occurs without the burglar's knowledge, which increases the chances of catching them in the act.

Double Lock It

Homeowners and landlords have been using deadbolts for centuries as an additional deterrent on top of the normal door lock. Most deadbolts use a key, but newer models are electronic and use key codes for entry. Many manufacturers make special deadbolts that are resistant to lock picking, heavy impacts, or other breaching methods. Consumer Reports tested many of the locks on the market, and found a wide range of effectiveness from model to model. No matter which you choose, it's still a good idea to add deadbolt locks to every exterior door in a building.

The Lock With a Brain

Smart Locks are very similar to deadbolts in their operation. They contain computers and sensors which limit door access to certain people. They may use an electronic key fob (similar to keyless entry vehicles), or another near field communication device, such as a smartphone.

Smartphone controlled smart locks have become popular with landlords. They can easily enable, disable, or limit access to tenants remotely from their computer. They can also limit entry to certain times during the day. The locks can even log the times of entry. All this works without the owner physically handing out keys, or needing to change the locks.

Security Screen Door Reinforcements

A qualified screen door installer can strengthen and reinforce the security screen door in a few different ways:

Reinforce the Strike Plate:  The strike plate is the metal plate on the doorjamb that the door bolt slides into to hold the door closed. Reinforcing this plate can help prevent prying or ramming the door out of its frame.
Door Reinforcement: Installers can add metal plating behind or under the deadbolt, and wrapped around the door edge. This helps to prevent the door from breaking around the deadbolt. They can also add heavy duty plates on either side the door to make it more secure.
Bigger Hinge Screws: For extra security, a technician can use longer or specialized pins in door hinges. These help keep an intruder from simply pulling the door out after removing the door's hinge pins. Manufacturers have even designed hinge pins to screw in from the inside while to door is open.  This prevents removing the pin without first opening the door.
Secured Door Windows:  There are three methods to make windows in doors more secure.  You can add security grates or bars to windows. You can also add a security film, which is a special coating or covering applied to the glass to reinforce it. Finally, you can replace the glass with a different transparent material, such as plexiglass, Lexan, or another break-resistant material.

Other Security Methods That Work

Here are a few other add-ons, ideas, and deterrent methods for your security screen door that not only increase security, they also increase your ability to see who is on the other side of the door when they knock:

Door Viewers: These are small lenses installed in the middle of a door at eye level. These usually feature a wide fish-eye lens. This allows residents to see a full view outside without opening the door.
Door Chains: These devices bolt to the inside of the door and doorjamb. The chain allows you to open the door slightly to view outside but still stay safely locked.
Added Exterior Visibility: Most crime deterrent reports recommend clearing shrubs a few feet away from nearby doorways to reduce the chance of a burglar hiding from public view.

Ask Your Security Screen Door Installer

There are many options that you can use to strengthen your entry doors. That will add both security and value to your home or office. A good security screen door installer can go through the various options and help you decide which accessories would suit your needs and your budget. No matter what approach you choose, a more secure entry will give you more peace of mind, and everyone could use a little more of that!

A screen door makes a wonderful addition to any home. Door and window screens allow light and air into your home while keeping bugs and insects at bay. A security door offers even more protection to the outside of a home. But before you make the call to have your screen door professionally installed, here are a few tips to consider beforehand.

1. There Are Security and Screen Doors for Every Purpose

Typically, people use retractable screen doors to keep bugs and insects out of the home. However, some people may have to deal with larger critters like squirrels or raccoons. There are more durable screen fabrics available that can help keep these a larger pests out of the home as well. For families with pets, there are even stronger pet resistant screens available. These screens are up to 10 times stronger than the regular screen fabrics. Fluffy will be staying in this time!

There are many types of door screens that offer varying amounts of light and air into a home. You can choose door screens that are fully opaque to block out sunlight. Still others may have a concern for additional security throughout their home. A good security screen door can help provide an extra layer of security. This can not only add protection against pests, but also provides peace of mind.

2. Choose the Frame Wisely

Door and window screens use three different materials for their frames. A security screen door is usually made out of metal, wood, or fiberglass.  A professional installer can paint any of these materials to match the color of a home.

WOOD: Offers a more traditional look, but can be susceptible to damage from the weather, or excessive wear and tear

METAL: A door screen frame made from a metal like aluminum is lighter in weight, and is available in many different styles. It is more durable than most frames, but is more expensive.

PLASTIC: Fiberglass or vinyl door screen frames are even more lightweight than aluminum, but at the cost of overall lifespan. A vinyl frame also doesn't have the visual appeal of some other materials.

In addition, there are different types of screen doors that you can consider. You can choose from a swinging screen door, a retractable screen door, or sliding screen doors.  Sliding screen doors are not typically used for main entrances, however.

3. Choose the Correct Screen Fabric

Next to the frame, the screen material is the most important part of a screen door. Door screen fabric is made of either plastic, fiberglass, or metal fibers like aluminum or copper. Like door screen frames, metals screens are generally more durable, but are usually more expensive. Plastic and fiberglass are a more affordable option, but are more apt to tear or rip. They also tend to have a shorter life span than metal door screens.

4. Keep Your Home Safer With a Security Door

Most people think of a screen door as a thin, flimsy fabric covering a simple door screen frame. However, what most people don't know is that a door screen can also be made of heavier, more durable metal. A well made security door screen, made out of materials such as iron or steel, provides an additional layer of security for your home.  An installer can add a high quality deadbolt or key lock to the door for even more protection. They can even use laminated security glass to add elegance and beauty to even the strongest of security doors.

5. You Can Pimp Your Screen Door!

Nowadays, one doesn't have to settle for a boring screen door. It's easier than ever to find a screen door that will complement the rest of a home. For something truly unique, a professional screen door servicemen can create a custom made security door. These custom made security doors are not only secure, but can be works of art themselves! A uniquely designed screen door makes a house stand out from the rest.

Taking a few moments to consider how your door screen will look will help save frustration later on. A professional door screen technician can help you understand the different options that are best for your home. With a little forethought and planning, a security or screen door will add beauty, security, light, and air to a home for many years to come.

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